remember your birth with joy...

remember your birth with joy...

Your Tampa Bay Birth Doulas

Hello! Since you're reading this you are likely either pregnant, or thinking about it.. Congratulations!


You likely have so many questions and have heard plenty of challenging birth stories and now you're wondering what YOUR birth story will be. It is true that birth can be a very empowering moment in a person's life. Or not. Choosing doula care can transform your birth experience.

A bit of advice from doulas who have been there...

What we've learned throughout the years is that the most important thing is not really how this baby is gonna be born.

The most important thing is HOW the birthing person was treated during their pregnancy, labor and birth. Was the birthing person the one making the decisions? Was the birthing person's wishes taken into considerations throughout the process? Having your body autonomy and human rights respected should be the norm, but, unfortunately, that's not always the case.

Here's the secret:  When you have a birth team that you trust and they trust you to give birth to your child, there is nothing to fear. And that's when we have a positive birth story to tell.

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Our role as your doula is to help you to make your voice heard and to make sure that whoever is there assisting you sees YOU, first and foremost.

Tampa Bay's Inclusive Birth Doulas & Founders of Doula Hive

We bring your family a vast knowledge about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. We support our clients in all types of births: hospital, birth centers, home births, VBAC's, cesareans, medicated, unmedicated...

As your Doulas, we would love to share with you the most recent evidence-based research so you can make informed decisions that work best for YOU and your family. We don't have any agenda on how your birth should be.

This pregnancy and birth will be part of your life story, and we'll be there to support you in any decision that you make. During our prenatal meetings we will explore the ins and outs of different birth scenarios (hospital and out-of-hospital births) and we can also help you in finding a provider that best fits your needs for this birth.