images to treasure

images to treasure

Tampa Bay Birth Photography

Why choose professional birth photography?

"Why would I have my birth photographed?! Won't there be lots of blood? And I probably won't look good..."

Many people don't understand why someone would hire a birth photographer for their births. They don't see value in it, since, most likely, those pictures will not end up in their living room.

We have to say that, although those pictures might not end up being framed, they will have a very special place in our heart. They tell a story of your birth, a very unique day in your life. A day you will not forget.

Those pictures are for YOU!  ​For you to re-live such a transformative day. The day that you became a parent or that your family grew.

The birth of THIS baby is a once in a lifetime event. Capturing those first moments of your baby's life with you is priceless.

birth photography (300 × 200 px)

Our Birth Photography Packages

  • 1 prenatal visit
  • On-call 24/7 for your birth from the moment you sign up for your package.
  • We'll meet you once you're in active labor, and will stay and capture the first two hours postpartum.
  • Digital delivery of 100 to 150 (color and black and white) edited photos in high resolution for you to print and share as you wish.