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All about your HelloBirth Childbirth Class:

HelloBirth is a new, and exciting 4-week hypnobirthing childbirth class! This cohesive class is one that delivers! If you're looking full childbirth class, that empowers, informs and prepares you for baby's arrival this is the course for you!

HelloBirth students enjoy our in-person evidence-based course, in-depth hypnosis scripts and tracks, stunning guide book, and modern web based app. Students will find that this course leaves them with a strong grasp on the birthing process, their choices along their pregnancy, labor, the postpartum journey and more! HelloBirth is the full package- No additional courses needed!

HelloBirth is an accessible, easy to follow hypnobirthing class! This course is an exceptional option for those who want to be present, grounded, empowered, informed, and more comfortable in their unique birth experience.

HelloBirth Tampa Hypnobirth Class

This interactive course goes beyond a lecture style class, giving pregnant student's and their partners lots of hands on tools, quality information, and road map to help you create your best experience. In each class, you'll learn a new hypnosis tool, in our relaxing hypnosis sessions, and learn how to practice these tools at home. HelloBirth's daily practices easily fit into any schedule, making it a practical choice for busy families!

HelloBirth is a hypnobirthing class that any family can lean into, and was created with all walks of life in mind. Join this incredible child birth class to connect with other growing families in our community!, and discover what you need to create a beautiful birth experience! Click here to view the course outline!

Upcoming HelloBirth Group Class Dates

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(Students may register for this class at anytime, but we typically recommend starting around weeks 26-30.)


2024  Classes: 4-week Series

January 20th - February 10th

  • Saturdays from 10am-1pm

March 23rd - April 13th

  • Saturdays from 10am-1pm

May 19th - June 9th

  • Sundays from 10am-1pm

July 13th - August 3rd

  • Saturdays from 10am-1pm

September 22nd - October 12th

  • Saturdays from 10am-1pm

November 22nd - December 20th

  • Fridays from 6pm-9pm
  • NO CLASS November 29th

Class Investment: $400


What to expect in the Hypnobabies Childbirth Class:

Hypnobabies is a wonderful 6-week course, that allows our students to dive deep into childbirth education while creating an easier, more comfortable pregnancy and birth experience. While some expect Hypnobabies to be a simple “hypnobirthing” class, Hypnobabies is so much more!

With our newly updated, evidence-based course materials, hypnosis scripts and MP3s, clients will have everything they need to prepare for the arrival of their little ones. Rest assured you won’t need to look anywhere else for childbirth education!

hypnobabies tampa bay

Hypnobabies students are surrounded by positive, inclusive, empowering information so they can fully commit to their Hypnobabies Hypnosis practices. The course teaches medical hypnosis techniques- just like many people use when they are unable to use anesthetic in surgery! Our students learn “eyes-open childbirth hypnosis” through daily practices, allowing students retrain their minds to experience labor sensations as squeezing, pressure, tightening, etc.

This allows Hypnobabies Students to experience normal birth sensations much more comfortably. Our students remain in tune with their bodies, babies and support team even while deeply in hypnosis! So, not only will our students enjoy a more comfortable birthing, they’ll also be able to move freely, and communicate with their birth team easily.

Though Hypnobabies works very well for single parents, this course provides an outstanding opportunity for birth partners to become well informed, and totally prepared to support their loved one through this beautiful moment in life.

Upcoming Hypnobabies Group Class Dates

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(It's recommended that this course is started around 28 weeks.)



Instructor Name: Rachel Coughlin

Instructor Email: Rachel@DoulaHive.com

Class Start Date: Choose from the start dates listed below!

Class Investment: $400


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Taught by Rachel Coughlin

My name is Rachel Coughlin, co-founder of Doula Hive. I am a Certified Doula, Certified Body Ready Method® Pro, HelloBirth Instructor, Hypnobabies Instructor, Certified Health Coach, and Birth Photographer. I started my journey as a birthworker in 2014 while pregnant with my second child, and I've never looked back! Becoming a BRM Pro has taken my doula support to a whole new level. I can't wait to share this amazing, personalized information with you! Read more about my background and training.