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Meet Rachel

My name is Rachel Coughlin, cofounder of Doula Hive. I am a Birth Doula, Body Ready Method Pro, Hypnobabies Childbirth Educator,Birth Photographer,  and Certified Health Coach. For the past six years I have been providing a distinguished level of care and evidence-based support to families in my community. Through in-depth training, I have learned many tools to physically and emotionally comfort a parent, on the path to bringing their baby into their arms. That journey, and the weeks after are a wondrous time, one that requires the utmost respect and consideration. My own experience as a mother of 3 has helped shape me into the doula I am today.

I started my journey as a birth worker while pregnant with my second child. I was overwhelmed by all I was learning, despite already having had a child. I discovered what the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey could be when families have the tools they need to create their best experience.

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Meet Morgan

Hello! My name is Morgan Syrja. I am a fourth generation Tampa native, wife, mom of two and lover of
all things outdoors. I have always been nurturing by nature and became a caregiver at a young age.
Lived experiences have led me to take special interest in the wellness of families. I have over ten years
of experience in family and household support. My path opened to birth work when I had my son in
2017 as a young adult. I decided that I wanted to be the source of support which I really needed at that

I am a labor and postpartum doula as well as a lactation support educator certified through
MaternityWise International, and am continuing my education. I believe that birth support should be
accessible to everyone in the community, and I work hard to provide each family that I serve with care
unique to their needs during their sacred journey into parenthood. I have been practicing as a doula for
three years, and am elated to be rooted with Doula Hive as a full spectrum doula.

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Meet Diana

​Hello! Welcome to our Hive! I'm Diana, founder of the Doula Hive collective. I've been a doula since 2003 and I learned that, in order to better support families, we, as doulas, have to have support as well, and working with people that we love makes us even better doulas.

I'm a certified Birth Doula, Birth Photographer, Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Educator and Instructor, Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator, Body Ready Method Pro and mom of 3 daughters.
I found my love for everything pregnancy and birth related after the birth of my first baby, back in 2002. I loved my birth so much (I had a Doula! 🙂 that I felt like helping other people to also have a great experience.
I realized that we barely know anything about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and that it is hard to make informed decisions if you don't know your options.
I believe that birth is a big event in someone's life and I'll do my best for you to have a fantastic birth experience.
Aubrey site

Meet Aubrey

Hi! My name is Aubrey and I am a birth doula, postpartum doula, lactation counselor, and childbirth educator serving families of the Tampa Bay area. I’m also a mother to 2 beautiful children. I love all things education, activism, and advocacy. I have a background as a Childcare Provider and Medical Technician which I credit to the start of my passion supporting families through all walks of life.

I was introduced to birth work through my own experiences as a teen mom. I struggled during my pregnancy to advocate for myself, knowing what questions to ask, and what my options were as a birthing woman. I often wondered “Is this how everyone feels?” After the birth of my first child freshly postpartum, I fell down a google rabbit hole and discovered what a doula was. I fell in love and made it my goal to empower families so they could take an active role in their care and have informed gratifying experiences. This was my calling… so I took the leap. 4 years (and many births later…) I’m incredibly honored to be a part of the Doula Hive team.

Elisabeth Tampa Doula

Meet Elisabeth

Hello, my name is Elisabeth Fasion! I’m a proud birth and postpartum doula. I’m a wife and a mother of three. Supporting families has always been my passion. I've enjoyed this work through being an early childhood teacher for 5 years, stay at home mom for 7 years, and, Certified Nurse Assistant. In recent years, I've loved growing as a doula!

Postpartum support is near and dear to my heart due to experiencing postpartum depression. This led me to the birth world, and to becoming a postpartum doula. Since then, I've furthered my training and started providing birth support to families, as well!

The Doula Hive Vision for Tampa Bay

The Doula Hive Vision for Tampa Bay

Doula Hive is a thriving and growing collective (not agency) of birth workers coming together to cultivate an outstanding support network for families in the Tampa Bay area. If you are a birth worker in the Tampa Bay area, we would love to connect and learn about you, as well as the work you do in our beautiful community. Who knows…you might find that the Doula Hive is right where you bee-long!